Welcome to another episode of Mindful Meeting Podcast.

In this episode, I sit down with Sheikh Farouk and Pastor Justin to talk about Imam Mahdi, Prophet Jesus, and Palestine. We break down the missions of both Prophet Jesus and Imam, whether Imam Mahdi is the antiChrist, the situation in Gaza, and more.

What You’ll Learn:
[00:00] Introduction
[03:40] Sheikh Farouk’s thoughts on the second coming of Jesus
[07:40] What is the purpose of Imam Mahdi?
[08:19] Why did Jesus come to Earth?
[13:16] Pastor Justin talks about the second coming of Christ
[13:55] What the Bible says about peace and justice
[18:09] An overview of Imam Mahdi’s government
[22:07] Pastor Justin’s thoughts the Israel-Palestine crisis
[26:21] The only way to get fairness in the world
[27:16] Is the shedding of Palestinian blood the will of Allah?
[31:32] Who or what is Dajjal? Is he the antiChrist?
[35:04] Who is the antiChrist according to Pastor Justin
[39:09] How to prepare yourself for the second coming of Christ or Imam Mahdi
[48:45] Pastor Justin’s message to humanity
[49:47] Sheikh Farouk’s message to humanity
[50:56] Parting thoughts

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“The only way to get fairness is if we all get judged.” – Pastor Justin

“One interesting thing about oppression is that when you’re freeing the oppressed, you’re also freeing the oppressor.” – Sheikh Farouk