In this episode, “Preparing the Youth for Marriage,” I share personal experiences and insights on the importance of preparing for marriage and sustaining it. I emphasizes the need for trust in Allah’s provision, realistic expectations, and the role of education and communication in building a successful marriage. Our special guest, Syed Farhat Abbas, delves into the spiritual and emotional benefits of marriage, offering guidance on the ideal age and considerations for entering this sacred union. Join us as we explore the significance of preparation and understanding in marriage, and the profound impact it has on individuals and society as a whole.

What You’ll Learn:

[00:00] Introduction and personal experiences with trusting in Allah for job opportunities
[04:13] Importance of trust in Allah’s promise and reliance on Him for provision and guidance
[08:26] Discussing the importance of preparation for marriage and sustaining it, including education, Duas, and finding a spouse based on personal and religious criteria.
[13:50] Advising young people to take marriage seriously and prepare for happiness, understanding each other’s psyches and readiness to compromise
[19:02] Concluding with a message about idolizing capitalism and following divine rules for happiness and prosperity
[24:15] The concept of responsibility and hardship in relation to being a prophet, marriage, and life
[28:40] Setting realistic expectations for marriage and the need for education and courses for young people before marriage
[33:05] Misconceptions about marriage portrayed in media and the need for understanding and compromise in a marriage
[37:28] Importance of Allah providing for those who marry and personal story as an example of trusting in Allah’s provision
[41:49] Balancing financial considerations and tawakkul in marriage, and criticizing the capitalist society’s focus on money
[46:15] Discussing the concept of maturity being key to marriage, regardless of age, and referencing Pew Research data on marriage age among Mormons
[50:30] Emphasizing the importance of sacrifice and compromise in marriage, and challenging the idea of freedom being solely about autonomy and material pursuits
[55:12] Addressing the impact of elders and leaders on youth marriage opportunities and advocating for a balanced approach
[59:35] Importance of open communication between potential spouses and their families, along with understanding each other’s ideologies and goals
[1:04:17] Duration of getting to know each other period in Islam and the importance of adjusting and compromising in marriage
[1:08:40] Advocating for a fund to help cover marriage expenses for youth and encouraging timely marriages without cultural pressures
[1:13:05] Importance of family values and raising children with humility and gratitude, and concern about the effects of feminism on Muslim women.
[1:17:29] Creating a balance in acknowledging and respecting the unique personality of women without denying their rights and roles in Islam.

Notable quotes:
“Message for the humanity is, unfortunately, we are still worshiping idols. This idol of capitalism is very dangerous idol. They are destroying our families, our personalities, and creating an opportunities for the oppressors to oppressed.”
— Syed Farhat Abbas 0:51:28 – 00:51:55
“We have created men in constant struggle, always, and marriage is one of the biggest challenges.”
— Syed Farhat Abbas 00:38:22 – 00:38:29
“In spiritual freedom, which is a higher form of the freedom, is where you’re not even slave of your own desires and want.”
— Syed Farhat Abbas 00:14:12 – 00:14:20

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