In this episode, I’m joined by Sister Tanweer Daya, Sister Annette Issa, and brother Mohammed.

Sister Tanweer graduated within the optical sector in the UK and has since completed many neuro social development programs. She is now a consultant for a range of e-commerce players to mentor their teams and guide them toward forming successful high-end corporate partnerships. Tanweer is also the co-founder of the MeetTheOne platform, which is designed for Shia Muslims who are seeking their life partners. 

Sister Annette is a Pre-K to Kindergarten online teacher at the City of Knowledge. She was also an active member of the Muslim community when she was living in Canada. She now lives in Michigan where she promotes unity within Islamic Community. Sister Annette is also a realtor with Century 21.

Joining us also is Muhhamned, one of my favorite people on the planet. He is one of the sources of inspiration and motivation for me.

In this episode, we talk about Lady Fatima’s modesty, bravery, humility, and sheer devotion to the lord. We also share how women in today’s world can emulate Lady Fatima’s teachings. Tune in to find out more.


[01:16] Episode dedication

[03:23] Women that remind our guests about Lady Fatima.

[10:13] The merits and status of Lady Fatima

[10:40] Extract about Lady Fatima from “Fatima is Fatima” book.

[16:53] Lessons learned from the motherhood of Lady Fatima.

[22:23] Lady Fatima’s modesty. Is it “outdated” in the current world?

[35:45] Is Lady Fatima a role model to both genders?

[47:38] Using Lady Fatima’s life as an example to encourage women to be part of the political and social sphere.

[52:00] Should women “wear different hats” in life?

[55:15] The honeymoon stage

{01:05:45] Message to humanity

Notable Quotes

● The more I heard about her (Lady Fatima) life, I really couldn’t pinpoint this one person who had all her qualities.

● Modesty is to do with the way you view the world in terms of what God expects from you when having any form of communication.

● Islam teaches us in this era that you have to stand up for your rights. Every single woman has a voice.

● The status of man and woman is one. They may be different in terms of their roles, but the status is no different.

Message To Humanity:

Sister Annette: Never give up hope

Mohammed: Be as optimistic as possible. Always try to be better every day.

Tanweer: Obey our Lord and serve His creation. Do not settle for mediocrity.

Useful Resources

Fatima Is Fatima book by Dr. Ali Shariati