In this episode, I am joined by the youngest guest ever on the show, MuhammadAli, to talk about understanding astrology and the zodiac signs. As a 16-year-old student, MuhammadAli loves to research astrology and is well versed in the various zodiac signs and what they mean.

We dig deep into how astrology ties into spirituality, especially in Islam. What do zodiac signs mean? Are they reliable and accurate? If so, what does Islam say about astrology? And, can Muslims rely on this information?

Tune in to listen to the discussion as we try to find answers to these questions.


[03:14] Difference between astrology and astronomy
[03:50] How astrology relates to spirituality
[05:40] Why MuhammadAli is interested in Astrology
[06:44] Zodiac signs and what they mean
[15:32] Why are Muslims against astrology?
[17:43] Negative traits about the Pisces
[20:03] Is Astrology Beneficial to Humanity?
[21:16] What are MuhammadAli’s favorite star signs? Why?
[22:10] What do stars tell us about the universe or anything at all?
[23:10] Myths and Misconceptions of astrology
[25:20] The planets and how they work
[27:54] Twelve Houses in astrology
[29:28] What is MuhammadAli’s message to humanity?
[35:04] Next week’s topic: How art is manifested in spirituality
Notable Quotes
“Astrology is not really looked at as acceptable in Islam because it gives a view of the
world that Allah does not want you to have.”
“Leos are seen as a kind of powerhouse for socializing.”
“If you go into a relationship with Pisces, it would be ideal because they are very good
at loving and caring.”

“Astrology kind of gives people a false perspective about their personality. Maybe
people should find out for themselves what kind of people they are for themselves and
not by what these stars’ signs tell them they are.”
“No scholars or any sheiks have said that they approve of astrology in Islam.”
“The stars helped a lot of people back in the ancient days to figure out a lot of scientific
facts that we know today.”
“It is a huge misconception that you can’t go into astrology as a career.”
“Things like discrimination, hatred, or any other thing that kind of revolves around
negativity` deserve to be suppressed as much as they can be.”
“Poverty is extremely important to take into account.”
“Be kind to everyone because humanity comes before religion.”

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