In today’s episode, I am joined by two talented individuals: Husain and Saleh Mo. Husain is an aspiring recording singer from San Diego, California, and a music manager for his little brother and younger nephew. He is also a student at San Diego States University, pursuing Communication. Husain moved to San Diego as a young teenager where he eventually discovered his love and passion for music and decided to pursue a career in this field.

Saleh Mo, is an artist, poet, and aspiring author. When he was 14, he discovered his talent for writing and there hasn’t been a day where he hasn’t polished his craft. Saleh was born a Muslim and now believes that spirituality is a spectrum that encompasses many religions. He also believes that there’s good in all people, regardless of faith.

Tune in to listen to the discussion as we dive deep into this topic, sharing our thoughts about art in spirituality, how it manifests in religion, and so much more.


[01:10] About Husain

[01:52] About Saleh Mo

[03:10] Thoughts about art

[06:02] Thomas Merton letter to Boris Pasternak

[08:33] Arts manifestation in different religions

[11:55] Quran as an art

[17:30] Should we sell our art for profit?

[30:04] Prayer and fasting in relation to art and spirituality

[40:24] ‘5 prayers a day’

[52:58] Message to humanity

Notable Quotes

● Just like how I believe spirituality is a spectrum, also I have to say art is in a way a spectrum.

● When I hear art, I think of life, the miracle of creation.

● Althugh the Quran has aspects of poetry, I don’t think that it was intended to be a poem book.

● A painter still has to make a living. There’s nothing wrong with selling their painting.

● Sometimes I have the idea that the universe, all of it, is just one giant painting in motion.

● A healed person heals people and a hurt person hurts people. If you hurt yourself, then you’re gonna have a hard time spreading love and greatness.

Mentioned Resources

Thomas Merton letter to Boris Pasternak