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Brandon Colbert is a communications expert trained in facilitation and interpersonal dialogue. He has more than 15 years of experience in leading and designing educational training in interpersonal relations. He is a Patricia Goering award recipient for his work in intergroup dialogue at the University of Michigan. Brandon is currently a trainer for Prior Learning Solutions, where he teaches classes on dealing with difficult people (like myself), conflict and confrontation, professionalism, and tact in the workplace. He’s also the founder and CEO of Brandon Colbert Solutions, an online interpersonal development platform, working to provide access to resources that will change the interpersonal educational landscape. And finally, he is the host of the “Say This” podcast, and absolutely, one of my best friends.

Yusuf Ali, widely known as Baba-G, gives us his insight on his journey towards his destiny. Baba-G is a young dreamer from Somalia, and an insightful young rapper and musician.

Topics discussed in the podcast

[2:33]– Definition of the word “passion.”

[4:39]- Turning your passion into a career

[6:16]- Combating the argument and creating a balance

[11:36]– How to stay motivated

[15:46]– Learning talents versus God-given talents

[20:40]- Appreciating God’s given talent

[24:52]- Stumbling blocks that stop people from pursuing their passion

[28:58]– What are you passionate about?

[31:58]- Discovering Passion and Purpose (Brandon and Babaji)

[39:47]- Message to humanity

Summary of topics

Definition of Passion

Passion is defined as any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling as love or hate.

Baba-G states, “I do believe passion is an emotion. To me, passion is just something that you have for something, whether it’s good or bad. You just have it; you don’t find it or don’t pick it up; it comes naturally.”

Brandon states that “I think I would just go with being compelled to do something; it’s a fine thing. It’s inside of you.

Turning your passion into a career

Brandon explains that he believes that it is much better and profitable to follow your passion instead of doing something just for the money. Baba-G suggests that if it comes to a point where your passion is not producing any income, then you got to find work to do so you can be able to foot your bills.

“I believe that I would recommend pursuing my passion and following my gifts and talents that I’ve been blessed with. The reason I say that Is because you have that natural knack, the ability to excel at that, and you have an interest in it. All those things are going to work in your favor.” 

“If your dream or your passion at that moment isn’t making money, you need to be doing something that’s going to push your gym forward.” 

Staying Motivated

Baba-G states that it’s not all about motivation but about the end goal and how you intend to reach it. Brandon believes the reason you are doing something has to be big enough to sustain you and keep you going even when you feel like giving up.

“To me, I think it’s more about the end goal and making sure you do whatever it takes to reach there. So even before I set out to do something, it’s like, I have to ask myself, why am I doing this? Why is this even important? Because if it’s not, I know what’s going to happen, per job, but I’m not going to follow through on it.” 

Appreciating God’s given talent

They both agree that if you don’t use God’s given talent, it means you don’t appreciate it, and when that happens, it shows you don’t believe in it.

“When God gives you a talent or a skill or a gift that’s unique to you, and then you don’t utilize it, to me, the message that I get from that is that you’re not appreciative of what God has blessed you with.” King Abu.

Stumbling blocks that stop people from pursuing purpose

Baba-G states that the fear of not being accepted by society is one of the significant constraints that hinder people from pursuing their purpose.

“You want to be accepted, you want to be loved, and you want your art to be appreciated. And if you release something into the world, and is not appreciated, is not, you know, understood, it’s not accepted, you kind of feel like a failure.”

Brandon explains that he sometimes suffers from imposter syndrome and the best thing to do is understand that this is what you have to do and you are going to do it regardless.

“I think sometimes all it takes is working on building your confidence up.” 

Message to humanity

Baba-G states that people should focus on doing what they love as we are in a delicate time.

“Now is a time to make your path; find the time to just put in towards your goal, your dream, your passion, whatever you want to call it.” 

Brandon explains that it is time to do what you know you are born to do; it will work out as long as you believe.

“Don’t let anyone or anybody stop you from doing what you know you are born to do.”

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Mark Twain – “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

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