In this episode, I’m joined by Mawlana Baig and Pastor Mike to discuss the spiritual ups and downs.

Pastor Mike, for over 15 years, has been an executive marketing director and financial services broker, specializing in retirement, savings, and life insurance. He’s married to a beautiful wife, Helena and together, they are proud parents of three wonderful boys. Pastor Mike has spent the last thirty years serving as a youth pastor and now senior pastor.

Mawlana is the host of divine allegiance, a daily show offering a blend of education, learning, and compelling conversation to help connect faith to life.

We seek to find answers on why is there a struggle in spiritual life and how to address it.

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Time Stamps

[03:38] Pastor Mike Defining spirituality

[05:20] Mawlana defining spirituality

[07:00] Why do people experience spiritual struggle?

[10:00] How do you know a person is spiritually down?

[12:58] Actions and advice for spiritual ups and downs

[18:05] Why we go through trials and tribulations

[21:25] Bible stories where people struggled with spirituality

[24:13] Stories in the Quran where people struggled with spirituality

[28:00] Wealth, poverty, and spirituality.

[44:25] Message to humanity

Notable Quotes

“Our bodies always wants to sin since we are living in a weak flesh. We need the power of God  to overcome bodily desires.” –Pastor Mike.

“Don’t worry about anything. Instead, pray to God about everything.”

“Whenever a person has faith, it’s going to be tried and tested. And the more the faith, the harder will be the test.” –Mawlana

“Poor and rich both sin in God’s eyes. A sin is a sin in front of God’s eyes.” Pastor Mike.

“If you commit adultery, say a lie, or commit blasphemy, you don’t need monsy to do them.” –Pastor Mike.

“Only by the remembrance of God will your heart be at rest.” –Mawlana.

Message to humanity

Mawlana: Believe that there’d no god but the one God who has created all and there’s thereafter.” Mawlana

Pastor Mike: “God loves you so much. Put your faith in him.