In this episode, I’m joined by brother Salih Baity, a graduate of the University of Buffalo with a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and a minor in English. Brother Sahih has volunteered at the Madrasa in Buffalo for about 10 years, teaching Islamic Science, Quran, and General Tutelage of the kids. 

We talk about the birth anniversaries of the heroes of Karbala—that is, Imam Hussein, and his family and companions. We discuss their merits, status in Islam, their teachings, and their humanely side as well. Tune in to listen to this and more educational topics.


[03:05] Who Is Imam Hussein 

[08:07] The energy in Karbala

[10:18] Is Karbala the center of the earth?

[11:00] Happy incidents that come to mind regarding Ashura

[13:52] Should we be scared of death?

[17:48] Favorite hero of Karbala

[24:06] Types of strength

[34:57] Brother Salih’s personal journey

[40:34] Why did prophet Mohammed put an emphasis on treating children like kings

[42:40] How does it feel to be the first born in the family?

[43:20] Humanely side of the holy prophet

[46:15] What lessons to take from Ahl al-Bayt 

[53:46] Women empowerment

[59:52] About Sales Capital company

[01:02:26] Message to humanity

Notable Quotes

  • Trying to describe Imam Hussein is like trying to fully describe Allah’s light. It’s beyond comprehension.
  • Some people describe that when they get close to a point of reaching nearness to Allah, it’s like a peaceful feeling. Anything that you were worried about before doesn’t matter anymore.
  • Don’t just simply train your sons on how to run a business. Train your daughters too.
  • The idea that human beings can channel or use a representative for something to get Allah’s favor is not unique to the Shi’as. But the difference is that we don’t take it to the point of worshipping the people that we’re channeling our energy.
  • You live in this world, but not for this world.
  • Cheerfulness is what breeds love between the believers.
  • Forward thinking is allowing women to simply be judged on how smart they’re  or other traits that makes them actual good people.

Message to humanity

Either live in this land as free men or die in it and be buried as pious men.

Salih Baity