In this episode, I sit down as I explore many lingering questions regarding Imam Mahdi. Sheikh Nabil is a motivational speaker and a scholar with MSC. Psychology. He is also a student of the Din, Black Belt Wing Chun Kung-fu and the founder of Operations 313.


[01:01] Introducing guest

[01:34] Who is Imam Mahdi

[04:12] How should humanity prepare for the coming of the Imam

[11:03] Why does Imam Mahdi have to be a Ghaybah

[17:12] Humankind will be lovers of evil than good before the coming of Imam [21:10] Should Imam die as a martyr

[23:16] Scriptures have been fulfilled. Shouldn’t this be the coming of Imam? [25:04] Role of prophet Jesus on the return of Imam

[27:00] Who is superior between Prophet Jesus and Imam Mahdi

[31:14] Do other religions have the messianic concept?

[33:54] What does Imam Mahdi mean to humanity?

[36:10] How to have an intimate relationship with Imam

[44:59]What message would you give to Imam if given a chance

[48:04] About Operation 313

[52:00] Guest opinion about Muslims joining production media such as movies [53:14] What is your message to humanity?

[55:38] Guest contact information

Notable Quotes

● You can hate the actions of someone, but you have no right to hate the sinner. Doing so is hating God because the sinner is God’s creation

● Thinking about Imam, talking to Him, and being concerned about His well-being is the purest way to cultivate an intimate relationship with Him.

● Physical preparation for the Imam means being conscious that there will be a revolution and a war between good and evil

● Imam Mahdi is the last hope to humanity in a society rooted in systemic racism, hatred, and all negativity

● All major religions speak of a messiah and savior, a desire to reach a utopian world.

Message to Humanity

Hate the sin, but not the sinner.

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