Pastor Mike joins us once more to start off season 2 of the Mindful Meeting Podcast. Pastor Mike, for over 15 years, has been an executive marketing director and financial services broker, specializing in retirement, savings, and life insurance. He’s married to a beautiful wife, Helena and together, they are proud parents of three wonderful boys. Pastor Mike has spent the last 13 years serving as a youth pastor and now senior pastor.

In this episode, we talk about being a Godly Father. Tune in to listen to Mike sharing about what makes a great marriage, the responsibilities, and qualities of a good father, leading by example, and how he helps his children balance between fun time and spiritual growth.

In This Episode:

[02:18] Riddle for Pastor Mike

[03:13] A prayer for Pastor Mike’s departed father

[04:14] What’s more enjoyable about being a dad?

[06:06] First pregnancy and delivery experience

[10:48] Addressing the issue of absent fathers

[14:29] Is it systematic injustice and oppression or is it just negligence of men?

[16:45] How satan manipulates  a family

[17:59] What makes a great marriage

[21:50] Main responsibility of a father

[22:22] Qualities of a good father

[26:35] Leading by example

[29:15] Balancing time for fun and spiritual growth

[32:53] Pastor Mike’s final thoughts and message

[38:40] “Advice from my father”

[39:07] Message to humanity

Notable Quotes

● One of the biggest honors in my life is being a dad.

● My wife makes me look better as a dad because of the mother she is

● There’s no perfect book out there that will teach you because every baby, wife, and husband are different. What you just need to do is to do your best.

● Change starts in the home once a man being a father decides to follow God.

● If you didn’t have a father, or maybe you had a bad example as a father, you don’t have to repeat those mistakes.

● It’s our job to show them (children) how to open and read the world of God, and how to pray.

● We should kiss our children. We should tell them how we love them every day, and we should tell them that we’re proud of them.

● Never give up following God. Never give up loving your spouse. Never give up on your children and your family.

Resources mentioned

Show Dad How book by Shawn Bean