In today’s episode of the Mindful Meeting podcast, we have Anika Munshi. Anika is the founder of Sukoon Circles, a project focussing on improving mental health awareness in the Muslim community with the prospectives of religion, culture, and gender. She is also the founder of Rahman Designs, where she has worked as a graphic designer for the past ten years. Apart from that, our guest has a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counselling and works as a licensed professional counselor in Texas.

Join us and listen to Anika talking about narcissism. What is it? It’s causes, instances in the Quran, how to heal from narcissism, and how to care for narcissistic people.

In this episode:

[02:40] Riddle for Anika

[03:54] Anika’s journey to becoming a therapist

[06:15] Backstory to Sukoon Circles and Rahman Designs

[08:51] Defining narcissism

[12:01] How one can misrepresent themselves as being narcissistic

[13:51] Causes of narcissism according to various theories

[15:27] Why are there different theories on causes of narcissism?

[17:54] Narcissism in the Quran

[19:06] Is narcissism a spiritual or medical condition?

[21:45] How to protect and heal yourself from narcissism

[26:38] Addressing narcissism in the Quran

[32:08] Do we learn or are we born with narcissism

[34:46] Are narcissism and arrogance interchangeable?

[37:45] Handling a narcissistic partner

[41:54] Can narcissists be better?

[45;18] How to show compassion and kindness to people struggling with narcissism

[51:02] Anika’s final advice and recommendations

[53:02] Message to humanity

Notable Quotes

● Narcissistic people are those who are seeking status and attention with what they’re doing.

● I feel that narcissism boils down to a person really saying I’m better than you.

● A huge factor in creating narcissism is the environment.

● If one person in the family, say a father or mother is narcissistic, they have the potential to disrupt the entire family system and pass the dysfunctional style to everyone who’s involved.

● A person can believe that they’re better than others, but still not be called narcissistic.

● Always keep in mind that this world is temporary. An everlasting comfort and protection come in the afterlife.

Resources mentioned

The Trouble With Islam Today book by Irshad Manji

Connect with Anika

Rahman Designs

Sukoon Circles