Due to popular demand, we brought back sister Tanweer Daya, Tanweer, co-founder of MTO, sits down with me and explains how her passion project, a matrimonial, or a concierge service, works, the history and reason behind it, etc. She briefly touches on the pros and cons of online dating versus in-person dating.  She has a message for parents who practice force marriages. Tanweer also shares with me her own love story and how she met her husband. Do opposites really attract though? Tanweer tells us how she and her husband are polar opposites, yet, have managed to survive and thrive over 20 years of marriage. 
She reveals six matrimonial events she has planned for those residing in the Southern California region, starting with tomorrow, July 18th, 2021. 
Tune in for more about MTO; Meet The One. 
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