I will be taking a short break and will return soon. Meanwhile, this week, I am joined by Anika Munshi again, and like last time, she holds back nothing. She is passionate about the topic, and you can hear it in her voice.  A topic that many of us can relate to and resonate with, Anika educates us on how to deal with difficult parents, how to set healthy boundaries, taking care of our elderly parents, etc. She poses questions such as:

1.  Does being dutiful and obedient mean that I must protect my parent from every discomfort and negative feeling? Am I disobedient if my parent is unhappy with me? Am I hindering this person’s growth process by protecting them from seeing their own flaws
2.  If my parents are elderly and incapacitated, how much responsibility do I need to shoulder before it becomes a burden? If I choose to seek help to caretake them, do I see myself as deficient?
3.  Do obedience and respect mean the same thing?
4.  Are parents hiding their own helplessness?
5.  Are parents worshipping Allah or themselves?

Tune in for more!

All relevant links and resources will be provided in the Show Notes found on the website at www.mindful-meeting.com. 

Enjoy! Thank you, and God bless you all! 

And finally, remember to treat each other with kindness.