After a long hiatus, we are back where we left off. We start the podcast in the same way we initially launched it by remembering the legacy of the greatest woman God has ever created, Lady Fatima Az-Zahra.

In this episode, I sat down with three powerful women who work for their communities in honor of The Lady of Light—Lady Fatima, and how in the struggle to live our beautiful lives, we are compelled to emulate the selfless and principled life of Lady Fatima.

We have Ruhi Rizvi, who has over 25 years of experience conducting workshops in the US and UK focusing on social, political, and religious issues. She’s also the founder of Project Zeynab, an independent voluntary organization that works to eliminate social issues whilst communicating compassionate families.

Sister Fatima Sabour is the Co-Founder of MANA, Muslim Ambassadors of North America, a public speaker herself, and the founder of Houston’s Local Outreach group called HOPE.

Khadija Osman, has a bachelor’s in Public Health from the University of Washington, and is a teacher at an Islamic school in Houston, wherein she teaches high school Math and Quran recitation. She is also a Henna artist.

Together, we talk about the martyrdom and the legacy of Lady Fatima, the Lady of Light, and how in living our own lives we could commemorate the beauty and the life she powerfully and selflessly lived.

Show Notes
00:00 Intro
05:43 To Benefit from Lady Fatima
07:56 Knowing the Lady of Light
14:40 Similarities Between Lady Fatima and Lady Maryam
22:05 Women as Warriors in the Face of Oppression
26:53 Showing Support for Palestine
29:30 What We Mean When we Speak of Awareness
36:21 Motivation Against Injustice
46:18 What Can Women Learn from Lady Fatima’s Sacrifice
51:15 A Poem by Ruhi Rizvi
56:31 The Issue of Wealth of Ahlulbayt
1:05:50 Favored Moments of Lady Fatima’s life

Notable Quotes:

“We have two different journeys that lead to the same path.”

“As mothers, our duty is to lead our children to the right path.”

“The mothers nurturing the children tread on the path of righteousness.”

“In order to fight injustice, it has to be seen first at home.”

“When a man protects and provides, it allows the true essence of a woman to flourish at home.”

“It is difficult to project a clear light, when there’s darkness within the soul.”

“Steady, consistent action is better rather than once, and forgetting about it.”