In the season one finale, I’m joined by four awesome and spiritual uplifting guests: Asha, Emeth, Khadija, and Yvonne.

Asha, who’s here for the second time, is a licensed massage therapist and a life coach. She’s currently in school pursuing her MFT program. She’s passionate about helping abused women and empowering them to rediscover and find themselves. Asha is also the founder of Bismillah Creations.

Emeth is an African, Middle-Eastern Studies major, concluding his last year at the University of California. While he’s been involved with various interfaith groups such as the Muslim Jews Solidarity Community, he’s currently in the process of publishing his academic research on Untapped Potential Encountering Jewish Fundamentalism.

Khadija is a daughter and sister to seven. She recently completed her undergraduate degree in Public Health. She’s passionate about teaching and arriving at those are her moments with her students. Khadija believes in self-reflection and being honest with herself and is on her own inner journey of self-improvement and betterment.

Yvonne Smith is a digital artist, writer, and creative consultant based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She’s passionate about topics concerning spiritual, mental, and creative well-being. Yvonne has nine years of experience as an Arts Administrator and currently works in the public sector. As an artist and mental wellness advocate, she is currently working on several personal projects and actively seeks to merge both worlds in her work.

We wrap up the season theme of Spirituality by chatting about the personal and intimate relationships we have with our Lord. Tune in to listen to what our guests have to say about the importance of having such a relationship with God, their own experiences, and very crucial advice they have for the believers.


[01:14] Introducing Asha

[01:41] Introducing Emeth

[02:12] Introducing Khadija

[02:53] Yvonne Smith

[03:50] Is it important to have a personal relationship with God?

[07:22] Imagining life without God

[11:11] Describing personal relationships with God

[23:29] How to cultivate a relationship with God

[32:04] Areas of struggle while cultivating a relationship with God

[40:20] Presenting God to the audience

[48:50] When do you find yourself closer to God? During adversity or prosperity?

[01:02:30] Do you always pray about everything?

[01:09:57] Asha’s conversation with God

[01:15:00] Emeth’s conversation with God

[01:17:33] Advice to the believers

[01:24:50] Spiritual goals that God wants us to accomplish

[01:29:40] Advice for younger and older self

[01:33:57] One thing you wish to change about yourself

[01:38:00] Guests message to humanity

Notable Quotes

● You can’t understand yourself without having a relationship with God. And without God, it’s really difficult to find a sense of purpose.

● He who knows himself will come to know of his Lord.

● Life without God wouldn’t be a happy existence. I wouldn’t be happy at all.

● The constant remembrance of God is what helps me to see things how they really are.

● When we are solely focused on the spirit, we lose a lot of life.

● God is always calling us towards Himself. God is always calling us to be with Him. He’s our home.

● Your relationship with God still has to be positive, even though you’re in this very hard place.

● The people that God loves the most, are the ones that He tries the most.

● If I can’t tell God how I feel, what I feel in every single way, then who will I tell?

● Sometimes I feel like he’s above me and listening to me. Sometimes I feel like He’s next to me and talking to me.

● Even if you’re talking with our creator, the thing that matters the most is sincerity.

● Don’t ever give up. Never lose hope. Know that God is always there with you and listening to all of your pain and problems.

Links and Mentioned Resources

Practicing The Presence of God–Book by Brother Lawrence

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